In late 2007, the Crowne Plaza Hotel in Alice Springs invested in a full audit of energy-saving possibilities. The audit showed the enormous solar potential of the hotel’s location in central Australia. That prompted a vision for a rooftop photovoltaic installation, and soon led to a joint development between the owner of the Crowne Plaza, and the Alice Solar City Project (part of the Australian Government’s Solar Cities initiative).

SunPower’s proposal won the bid for the project because of SunPower’s industry-leading technology, the comprehensive warranty offered and the very high return on investment.

1326 photovoltaic panels now generate between 40 and 80% of the hotel’s power requirements, depending on the time of year. It is the largest commercial rooftop photovoltaic system in the Southern Hemisphere.


Site location:   Alice Springs, Australia
System size (kW): 305kW
Number of panels: 1326
Installation Type: Rooftop

Covered Roof Area: 1650 m


•    Generates up to 80% of the hotel’s power needs
•    Annual electricity saving of AU$ 79,739
•    Saves the equivalent of 420 tonnes per year of CO2 emissions
•    Tremendous publicity and growth opportunities for the hotel