Powershade Australia Solar Carport Systems is a system that was originally designed to accept Sunpower Panels exclusively. 

Whilst we have enjoyed success with this system it was limited to using one brand of panels and a panel locking system that required a lengthy installation process.


Our original Powershade system while somewhat water tight, still had up to 5mm of gap between each panel row which then required under-cladding and guttering to become almost watertight.

With clients wishing to use multiple panel brands and a market that is constantly evolving, we progressed to a new level of excellence with a new improved model of our solar carpark structure.

Our new SOLARPORT Solar Carpark System now takes premium position over our old Powershade system.

As with all improvements made through evolution and extensive onsite experience, our new SOLARPORT is more aesthetically appealing, water tight to rain, NO gaps between panels, faster installation times and stronger foundations.


SOLARPORT offers higher wind protection rating to Cyclone D  and the highest water protection cover in the industry.

With so many advantages over our previous Powershade Carpark system, SOLARPORT Solar Carpark Systems is the obvious model choice for our clients moving forward.