Proprietary benefits of floating solar over ground mount solar systems.

By harnessing the waters ability to reflect and amplify sunlight on the water’s surface the Afloat System allows the panels to capture and absorb a larger % of sunlight into the PV panels during the sunrise and sunset period. This enables a higher yield of power generated over a 24hr period over conventional systems.

 Another outstanding benefit to Afloat Floating PV Systems is that the panels and system are directly positioned on top of the water’s surface thereby inhibiting dehydration of water into the atmosphere.

The placement of our system on water allows the water to act as an extremely efficient cooling substrate which circulates cooler air emitting from the water’s surface under our structure’s shading. The cooler air then circulates around the panels and componentry thereby lowering the operating temperatures of all components and directly enabling them to operate more efficiently and improving their longevity.


A comparison between ground mount and floating systems shows

that floating plants  produce an average of between 10-20 % more energy yield.