From the team at Global NRG Group we bring to the forefront a new and innovative generation of Solar Carpark Structures unique to Australia.

A complete turn key Solar Carpark Solution team that incorporates design, manufacture, installation and commissioning of projects on a national and international market scope.

With our new powerhouse of combined resources, our team is able to asses and design Solar Carpark structures to all levels of complexity, whether the brief requires a standard carpark design or a more complex Multi level Solar Carpark structure. Our team ensures quality control throughout the project timeline with in house project designers, project managers, engineers, fabricators, installers and electricians. 

Keeping everything under the one group allows us to produce efficient and detailed project time lines for our clients. 

Our latest Solar Carpark structure designs have the highest wind ratings in the industry, reaching cyclone rating D, a wind rating protection rating never reached by any other provider in the country.

We are the most experienced turnkey Solar Carpark Solutions provider in the country, with multiple design patents and over 2MW of Solar carports to date, history makes us Australia’s number 1 in our field.

Solar Carpark Structures, one choice – SOLARPORT


Energy is a necessary but unpredictable cost for all businesses and for many, a major variable expense.


We understand that it can be difficult to decipher power consumption analytics to allow the best selection of solution to be applied.

Our business case analysts specialise in accessing the patterns of power consumption within each business model to formulate a custom solution recommendation best suited to each business we assess.

Solarport Australia has the expertise and experience to cut through the confusion and bring together various methods to help businesses become more self-sufficient, or at the very least using energy as efficiently as possible to enable cost reductions and predictability improving the bottom line.


Together with our premier Business and Technology partners, we have the right end-to-end solutions.