The Charge pod system provides a perfect addition to any city landscape, conference venue, marquee or special event. A unique system that services up to 8 units of phones, ipads and laptops. 
For customers that require multiple units we can provide fixed or relocatable design units that can be rented out or placed in strategic areas as required. Our units can be branded for logo placement and advertising purposes. 
We find that customers become more engaged around our Solarport Charge Pod. Our unique design promotes social gathering and interaction around the Pod while charging personal devices, making them a hub of activity around their location placement.

The Solarport Charge Pod is totally self-sufficient and supplies courtesy led lighting at night. 
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Transport Hubs, Airports, Beachside, Restaurants & Cafés, Hotels & Resorts, Universities & Campus, Festivals, Events, Stadiums, Amusement Parks, Public
Parks, Outdoor Malls, Golf
Courses, Marinas, Municipalities, Anywhere You Need To Get Charged.


6 Dual, 3.0 Rapid-Charge USB Ports. Disabled Access Ports x 2
3 Year Limited Warranty
60-Watt Polycrystalline Solar Panel Device RecognitionSoftware
Heat &  Moisture Protection System Water Resistant Enclosure IP54 Anti-Theft Ground Lock System.