Solarport Group is proud to announce its new innovative and game changing under cladding system to the market.

Our new unique proprietary under cladding design option provides a “click lock” locking system that secures the metal cladding to the underside of Solarport  Carpark structures.


This new system has great aesthetics while providing extremely functional features such as component and wiring concealment together with vermin deterrent.


From a functionality aspect our new "click lock" undercladding system allows easy access to the panels,wiring and components should the need arise to service any of the underside of the structure.   


Solarport Carpark Structures can provide various types of undercladding depending on budget, functionality requirements and aesthetics.

We also provide a partial undercladding tray system that hides components and wiring that discreetly enhances aesthetics and serves as protection to same.

Speak to our technical team to assess which model undercladding best suits your project.