Solarports are not only designed to incorporate EV charging stations, our corporate branded structure model releases feature our new ADSKINS. This new feature in design innovation not only produces green power generation but also becomes a powerful and sustainable Advertising tool for Client/Sponsor branding


The Solarport Adskin Media Solution can leased to selected selected Sponsors who would receive direct benefit from their Customised Branding.  

Solarport Adskins expand creative marketing borders in a direct and innovative way. 

Adskins provide a large dedicated media surface for multi color digital prints to be fitted, thus enabling clients to provide sponsor placement of logos, upcoming campaigns and targeted seasonal messages to all customers parking their cars or local foot traffic. 

Adskins can be leased out for advertising by the clients themselves in the same way advertising space is leased for outdoor billboards, bus shelters, prime shelf placement and the like. 

Adskins provide a return of investment for the client that is already committed to the Solarport Structure and value-adds the ability to on-sell vast visual advertising space to interested suppliers, vendors or tenants that wish to capitalise on the traffic flow in and around car-parks, bus stations, public spaces and surrounding areas.  


Solarport provides the complete turn key solution including design, artwork, campaign management, manufacture and installation to meet the client's requirements for their custom ADSKIN. 


Adskins are easily changed or updated as required for the duration of the structure usage, they also assist in hiding wiring and panels using advertising media to do so.