Solarport is Australia's largest and most experienced Solar Carpark Manufacturer and Installations group.

We are proud to be Australian owned, with all manufacturing done in Australia, together with in house engineering arm using 100% renewable energy.

With over 2MW of projects installed or under construction in Australia and over 5MW under construction overseas, we take the lead as Australia's most experienced Solar Carport Solutions Provider.

There are multiple reasons to use an experienced and professional solutions provider like Solarport . There are many aspects to designing and building a Solar Carpark structure that will stand the test of time. More and more often we see installations attempted by organisations that have little or no experience in this field and we are called to rectify their installations.

Low quality-controlled installations may not manifest their weakness initially however can start developing issues over time, leaving warranty issues that often remain unchecked. We know through experience that detailed project management must be in place from design stage, right through to each stage of construction and final commissioning of the project.

Issues that have come to our attention from inexperienced installers are as follows:

Incorrectly placed or shallow foundations.

Incorrect spacing of structure posts and purlins.

Incorrect alignment and overhang of panels on structure. 

Poor quality wire management and inverter installations.

Incorrectly placed or shallow foundations.

Roofing leaks due to poor design and installation spacing of panels.

Thickness and type of steel used for structure.

Delays in delivery of project due to poor project management.

Delays in project due to poor financial backing of contractors utilised.

The reality is that all these issues occur in this industry of which we monitor and have data on.

At Solarport our experience puts us ahead of the any competitor, giving peace of mind to our customers.

Solarport Carpark Solutions are the safest choice for your next project.

We welcome the opportunity to design and deliver your next project on time and to the highest professional standards in the industry.